MN Troubleshoot Script Proposal (FUNDED)

Masternode Troubleshoot Script Proposal December, 28th 2018


  • Improve the PAC network stability and reduce network downtime
  • Empower individuals in the community at all skill levels to choose to host on their own with ease
  • A tool with long term use and adaptability to network changes.
  • Reduce time and stress of hosting a masternode
  • See the script
  • Please give any feedback you have to @Bearro (US)#1284 on discord

This project was done as a community member not a PAC team member, therefore I am asking for the DAO support of my work. This is a quote style proposal so you can understand how the costs are allocated. This proposal is to supplement time spent creating a troubleshooting script that has a wide variety of tools included that are constantly growing. This tool will be available to the whole community at no cost, other then shared DAO supplementing, and hosted in a trustworthy fashion.

I realize this is not appealing to hosted or shared masternode users, but keep in mind its for the benefit of the whole network. I may also be able to work with your host providers to give them input from what I learned about weaknesses in the network. This may also help you to host on your own to diversify your holdings. Having unhealthy nodes on our network can actually be harmful, my script aims to fix those.


  • Help strengthen and decentralize the network by enable the average user to quickly diagnose and fix problems, helping to diversify network hosting and making MN hosting more user-friendly
  • Capability to quickly fix the current issues with recent outage of over 1,000 nodes. And help ensure our next network fork or update is done correctly, making the process easier for everyone
  • Help make a more stable network for us all by helping create healthy masternode hosting
  • Check 9 different errors that can occur commonly with masternodes and fix an if possible.
    • #1. MN Process Check & auto start again if failure
    • #2. Sentinel Check
    • #3. MN Status Checks & auto reset masternode sync if needed
    • #4. Masternode Version Check – V:12.5.1 – P:70214
    • #5. Check current block and hash online and compare to masternodes & auto- reindex if needed
    • #6. For October 2018 Fork ‘Block – 158418’ BlockHash Check
    • #7. Memory and Swap Check & optional auto install of swap-space.
    • #8. Disk Usage Check
    • #9. Checking of @foxd’s service is installed & Optional auto install or reboot
  • Quickly and visually give the status of what is going on with your node, without having to remember or track code commands
  • Can be used to aid in the setup process of new nodes to ensure they are done correctly and are operational
  • Automatically heal problems found, which is optional via command line input
  • Free up moderators time to make use of their vast talents elsewhere, and, so they can do more to improve PAC
  • Growth into potentially sponsored custom scripts for individuals with specific needs case (not part of proposal but an idea)

This script will work its way common areas of the PAC community as a standard for making sure nodes are healthy and help eliminate the hassle of hosting a Masternode. Below is an image of what the script looks like.

Example of Passing Script Run. The summary section will show if any error is found and explained detail if error occurs, and in some cases- auto fixing will follow in sections.

Cost Breakdown – Total: 1,250,000 PAC (Two rounds @ 625 k)

  • Most costs will be supplementing my time; I am currently asking for $25/hour as a developing rate for my skill level, though I deliberately will underestimate time as a contribution to PAC, as it has taken many hours troubleshooting nodes for the community to get a base understanding for this tool.
  • Cost will be assuming $0.001 per PAC as an average or 25kPAC/hr ( see top of page for justification)
  • Creating Initial release version (625 k PAC):
    • Server hosting fee for 4 months of testing:
      • server – 10K PAC
    • Initial code development:
      • 24.6+ hr 25kPAC/hr = 615k PAC
  • Future upgrades and updates to tune for special network achievements an changes such as updates and forks (625k PAC)
    • 23+ hr 20kPAC/hr = 575k PAC
    • Bounty for significant help in finding errors and contribution 5k PAC per person or per contribution Up to 10 people = 50k PAC
  • If improvement ideas largely exceeds time, I will consider a an appropriate extension to the proposal.

What will be done with coins?

No coins from initial payout will be sold on exchanges, they will be put into masternodes and sit for a period time to support the network and as an investment to PAC network for my contribution. The bounty rewards will go towards anywhere of my choosing as they will be a payment for my work.

The initial address will be:


Initial payouts for proposals

Coins will be moved into masternodes and addresses posted. Rewards to individuals as stated in the proposal will also be posted as well.


PurposeAmountTransaction ID
Proposal fee deposit +5,000 e00b7b511a2b8b81fc3b283f2aae09e758490370e964ffebdca77b4d2829a505

Proposal submitting fee withdraw
Transfer to MNP #1 Proposal only PAC-500,011.300000000000027d52498ae5340b9f407d058c030d363a47fccf2e0b7536248b1
Transfer to new address to isolate contribution funds (Plus Fees)-51,011.3 000000000000562bca960e90a278b82a977cdfe8ebc798943e95e5ae7767750b

dijida(US)#9874 Contribution Reward, Thank You!!! – Chose to donate to PAC Africa Charity!
Fozzyblob, FoxD and Artsy Contributions Reward, Thank You!!! All chose charity so donated to Robin’s Charity fund to complete the rest of rewards! 40,988.75
Remaining Sent in to new master-nodes to hold for long period.See explorer for dertails


These are important notes of intent and proper use of the script. Please also see for additional information and disclaimers for use of this site and my content.

Payment values to me as an individual for my time, I am free to do with the coins how I choose, though I am a strong supporter of PAC for a long time now, so they will likely stay put for a long time to come. Any amounts used for a specific reason will have transactions posted.

Adjustments will be made periodically to this document to improve information and give progress updates. Updates section at the top or bottom for changes made. It is possible I may release another proposal payout if time requirements exceeds whats allocated. The content of this proposal will evolve with feedback and through better understanding the tools use.

Though I am offering this tool as a repair for most problem cases but not all, I cannot guarantee it will work for everyone, but I will do my best to help you solve any problems you run into. This script is designed for a standard masternode setup that is seen on paccoin’s guide at

This script is NOT intended to be ran in the background on a continuous basis. I am not responsible or any damages that may be due to using this script, as the commands I use are common commands and have been tested
prior to the best of my ability.

Code will be visible on request, however please do not distribute without my permission. It will not be openly visible on the site because to discourage plagiarism and inappropriate use of my script. Please request a purpose for any modifications and give proper credit to the source if use is approved. I don’t want versions of this going around without anything under my control. If any variations of this scrip are present that aren’t offered I am not responsible for the, exercise caution and don’t accept script or codes from unreliable sources.

Latest updates: 

  • 1-1-19 – Lowered hourly rate for global consideration and adjusted time to properly account for level of complexity and capabilities it has and will have.
    • New rate based on low end of developer rates found globally from this source here
    • I’m from the US so keep in mind i’m being reasonable considering “US, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe. Software engineers with similar abilities in those locations will cost you above $50–100 p/h”