Exchange Status

Exchange Monitor (Manual and Automated)

This chart system was developed using a awesome online record software called AirTable (see referral link at bottom to support my account). This table was a bit more work then I thought as it has some very deceivingly tricky formulas running in the background, analyzing the latest change request from the form input (also below) to determine the latest and best status! Message me on Discord @bearro for feedback!

Though one table contains automatically pulled values for the status information of the exchanges, the current information in the manual table imputed manually by staff so it may be outdated. See update log at bottom for more details.


DO NOT USE THIS INFORMATION AS A SOLE SOURCE TO SEND COINS OR TRANSACT WITH THESE EXCHANGES, ALWAYS double check each location before using!!! This information is solely here for a secondary resource and for convenience, I am not responsible for any loss of coins for you using this information.


Status Table (Manual)* (SEE DISCLAIMER ABOVE):


Status Table (Automated – TRADING ONLY)* (SEE DISCLAIMER ABOVE):

Data from Coin Market Cap, updates about every 10 minutes – see date for latest timestamp



Latest Changes for (manual changes)* (SEE DISCLAIMER ABOVE):

To request a change, please see the link below table.

Request Change:

To request a change visit , this will require my approval, see the process on page. Message me on discord for approval – @Bearro#1284

Subscription Monthly Cost For this Exchange Monitor:

The long term price goal is for other projects as well, if we were to do more, would be about $20/month/per user.

Referral to Join Airtable

Message me for a specific invite to the base for viewing/contributing.