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This content will constantly be under development. Please do not use this a primary resource for information. Any information here should not be used as financial advice or make any transactions based on data here! For the latest information about PAC please visit the latest information on https://paccoin.net/ and all proper news channels.

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Use may the content on this site and content at your own risk. I do not guarantee the performance of anything I post here, and wont be held accountable for any damaged or harm caused by the use or missuses of my content. The content posted here is not intended for redistribution from other sources other than this one unless permission from me, Bearro, is granted. Please let me know any concerns or issues you have with my content and I will get back to accordingly. Though I am offering this tool as a repair for most problem cases but not all, I cannot guarantee it will work for everyone, but I will do my best to help you solve any problems you run into. This script is designed for a standard masternode setup that is seen on paccoin’s guide at masternodes.paccoin.net This script is NOT intended to be ran in the background on a continuous basis. I am not responsible or any damages that may be due to using this script, as the commands I use are common commands and have been tested prior to the best of my ability. Code will be visible on my website, however please do not distribute without my permission. Please request a purpose for any modifications and give proper credit to the source if use is approved. I don’t want versions of this going around without anything under my control. If any variations of this scrip are present that aren’t offered I am not responsible for the, exercise caution and don’t accept script or codes from unreliable sources.

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Payment values to me as an individual for my time, I am free to do with the coins how I choose, though I am a strong supporter of PAC for a long time now, so they will likely stay put for a long time to come. Any amounts used for a specific reason will have transactions posted.

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Thank you for any support you decide to give through tipping. Tips are not solicited and refunds aren’t standard, while I appreciate the support, please do so wisely with PAC you can spare. Tips will be used in part to help fund my time for this as a resource and to help keep the service up and running.