Graphs of old and new PAC together (LOG Scale):

The following shows new and old PAC overlay without without 1000:1 offset in LOG time scale. First shows some values, and the redemption period.

From the above you can seen that during the redemption the coin value was correcting from a pump that occurred. This type of behavior is typical for the market conditions and is out of PAC teams control.

Here is BTC, which is a good representation of the whole market, notice a similar trend? NOTE: Price axis is at a different scale here, PAC, being a smaller coin at the time and more susceptible to manipulations, had some larger price swings, but principle is the same.

Above Chart was made using Trading View.

Comparing PAC to early bitcoin (LOG Scale):

Here is another view of the same chart on a smaller time window:

Below shows Bitcoin (BTC) in log scale from full Coin Market Cap timeline.