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This page is a culmination of prototype content for $PACcoin, a currency with unique features and stellar community. Find out more @ https://paccoin.net/, and visit the social channels to find me as @Bearro.


This content is does not reflect the positions of the PAC core team, all information here is a secondary resource. The content is not affiliated with PAC coin and serves as test platform not a finalized product. Do not make important decisions relying on information based on this site. Use at your own risk. Also see protopac.net/disclaimer/ for more info.

PAC News

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About $PAC, exerpt from White Paper:

Introducing $PAC, a third generation cryptocurrency that is focused on four key factors:


PAC is a community driven successor to Bitcoin, incorporating various improvements such as a two-tier incentivized network, known as the Masternode network. The major aim of $PAC is to become the most efficient and user-friendly cryptocurrency that is available globally.

Our network features double-send proof transactions and transaction history that is erasable in terms of receiving funds. $PAC works using the principle of decentralization whilst upholding the belief that our community is the face of the coin. Introduction $PAC is established off of a self-governing and funding model through incentivized full nodes and a detailed roadmap. It is spearheading a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that encourages and rewards the community to develop and enhance it.

$PAC has been improved from its predecessor PACcoin in every aspect, $PAC encompasses the latest in financial technology, transcending blockchains that are currently being developed. This allows us to appeal to secure private partners as well as allowing us to address use cases in the mainstream market. This approach will ensure a truly decentralized P2P electronic cash system.

About Me

My background is in mechanical engineering, though consider myself diverse in skill set and created the content represented here as an attempt to constantly improve my coding and web development capabilities.